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FAST is a great program for all ages. We are one of the most balanced ski racing programs in the country, where we focus on the children’s safety while delivering a fun and exciting skiing experience.

Program details for each age category can be found on our Programs page (http://www.ferniealpineskiteam.ca/programs)

U8 FAST Tracks athletes are expected to be able to ski green runs unassisted (i.e. runs off of Deer) and be able to stop under their own control. Poles are optional at the very young level and chairlift protocols include ensuring there is an adult helping them on and off every lift. See the example video (https://www.facebook.com/789362051134911/videos/vb.789362051134911/812257908845325/?type=2&theater) from our U8 Facebook page to show some of younger athletes in action. The FAST Tracks program is distinct from the ski school programs run by Fernie Mountain Resort. Many of FAST athletes first graduate from ski school to ensure they are able to ski.

Not at all. Most FAST athletes like the racing aspect to our Programs (http://www.ferniealpineskiteam.ca/programs), but also love to free ski, hit jumps, and of course ski the legendary power of Fernie. We have a strict 15cm rule that dictates if athletes are training in gates, or shredding the pow all over the mountain.

Registration procedures, program summaries and pricing can be found on our Registrations page (http://www.ferniealpineskiteam.ca/registration_waivers)

FAST tries to support a policy of no child being left behind. However, more practically we do need to plan for how many coaches to hire within each program. As a result, older programs U10+ typically close registration November 30th of each year, and the U8 FAST Tracks will remain open and accepting registrations until mid-December. To register, go to our Registrations page (http://www.ferniealpineskiteam.ca/registration_waivers)

Equipment requirements are listed on each of the appropriate Program pages located on the Equipment List Page.

U8:  kids need a bagged lunch, which is left in the Racer’s Hut for lunchtime with their team.   Upon consensus of the coach and parents, lunches can also occur at various restaurants at FAR or on-hill family accommodations that are easily accessible.

U10 & up: groups are dismissed for lunch. Many athletes eat a bag lunch at the Yurts.

Everyone:  FAST has a cold temperature policy whereby programs are cancelled if it is  -20C or colder at 8:30 and confirmed by Head Coach via email.  If there is another situation when the weather isn’t favorable, the Head Coach will advise if skiing is cancelled.

It’s a good idea to give your kid a healthy snack in their pocket every day as most kids start asking for lunch around 10:45.  Also, kids need properly functioning equipment including a full over the-ear alpine ski racing helmet.  For cold days, it is important to ensure that they have one or two light layers under their ski jacket to keep their body warm.  Warm bodies ensure warm hands and feet.  It is a good idea to include “hot shots” in their mitts and boots to keep them warm.

U8: groups meet at the Racers’ Hut at 9:45 sharp on Saturday mornings.  The Racers’ Hut is located at the end of Ski Hill Road south of the RV parking lot.  It is visible from the Timber Chair about 4 lift towers up from the base on your left when going up.  U8 groups will also be dropped off at this same location at 3PM.

“What about vehicle drop off?  There is limited parking below the Racer Hut. However, an orderly flow of drop off traffic can be managed if all families use discretion and thoughtfulness – see video (https://www.facebook.com/789362051134911/videos/vb.789362051134911/801904689880647/?type=2&theater) from our U8 Facebook page to see it first hand.

U10 & up: groups meet at the top of the Elk Chair at 9:30.  They are dismissed on-hill at 3PM.