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I started skiing when I was 3 at Happy Valley in Calgary. (Bonus points if you know where that is!) I raced for the SkiMeisters until I was 15 and then for the Sunshine Ski Club. I got my coaching certification in Sunshine in 1983. In 1988, I made my way to Fernie with a plan to coach for 2 seasons – and somehow never left.

One of things that I love the most about skiing is riding the Bear chair when there are huge, beautiful crystals in the air. On the other hand, I don’t appreciate when people hoot while skiing powder – powder should be peaceful and quiet.

I have been coaching in Fernie for the last 26 years. I was Head Coach in 1988-1989, then coached the National ski team from 1990 to 1993 and came back to FAST as Head Coach in 1994. The thing I like most about coaching is watching young athletes do wicked high end turns. Since they don’t always do that, I’d say maybe the most valuable lesson that skiing has taught me is patience.

Words of wisdom: don’t call me at 9:01, I’m busy loading the chair ☺

Montana grew up in Inglewood, Ontario with 3 younger siblings. She began ski racing at age 6 with Caledon Ski Club. She competed at the FIS level provincially and eventually moved onto study, ski race and play volleyball at Colby-Sawyer College in New Hampshire until she was 21.

She continued her studies and graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelor in Human Kinetics. She moved out west to Vancouver, BC in 2011 to pursue a Masters of Kinesiology with a Coaching Studies and ski racing focus at UBC. During that time, she began coaching with Grouse Mountain at the U14 level and continued to do so upon graduation. In 2013 she moved to Sun Peaks, BC to coach U14 with the Sun Peaks Racers and took over the Program Director role in 2014 and continued in this role until the end of the 2018 season. In May she moved to Fernie and is excited to be apart of the FAST crew to continue her career in coaching.

Montana is a Performance Level – Trained through ACA and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the NSCA. She is an avid mountain biker, loves the outdoors and continues to educate herself in ways to keep young athletes in sport and challenge them to be the best they can in all aspects of their life.

I grew up in Southern Ontario in Collingwood, a small town nestled between where the Niagara Escarpment meets the waters of Georgian Bay. My Dad owned a local ski shop there and given that both my parents are also avid skiers, it was only natural that they had me on snow by my second winter. Growing up, I spent my days on the hill and my nights waxing skis in my old man`s shop (when I wasn`t in school).

When I was old enough, I started racing for the Jozo Weider Alpine Club at Blue Mountain, the local ski hill. My favorite disciplines were always GS and Super G. I enjoyed the slower impulse and having that extra bit of time to think, feel and react during a turn. I competed until the end of U16 at which point I made the decision to begin coaching, something I have never looked back on. Helping an athlete to grasp a new skill or refine an existing ability is incredibly rewarding and getting to share and be a part of that experience is what I love so much about coaching.

As a coach, I spent 7 seasons with Jozo, working with athletes from U8 up to the U16 level. I seems hard to believe, but I spent just over two decades skiing at Blue Mountain. I guess time really does fly when you`re having fun!




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 U8 – Head Coach

I started skiing when I was 8 years old during springtime. Close family friends spent lots of time skiing, and I knew my Dad had been a big skier, but couldn’t figure out why we didn’t ski as a family. Turns out that all I had to do was to ask. From that day on, we spent every winter day we could at the ski hill, Mt Pakenham, Ontario. So I learned to ski and when the following winter rolled around, I started right into racing. I was 9 years old.

My favorite skier was Kerrin Lee-Gartner, but don’t tell her I told you that. What was not to like? I was and 11 year old ski racer when she won Olympic gold. Need I say more? What I love about skiing can be answered is so many way depending on the day. I love the quiet and peacefulness of being on the hill, the fluffiness of the flakes and the sunshine, the solitude, the flow, but also the rush of the speed and being just a little outside my comfort zone, the social side, the friends. Not sure I hate anything except cold toes. I’ve been coaching since I quit racing. I love coaching for seeing athletes overcome fears and obstacles. There is almost nothing better than the look on a kid’s face when they have done something they thought they could not. There are so many things skiing has taught me. Maybe my favorite is that it is possible to do what you love, and love what you do, every day.

The skis that were my favorite were Dynastars, blue and black with yellow writing, no idea what they were. They were my first pair of brand new skis. I loved those things. I came to Fernie because I knew I wanted to ski for a season after university, just not sure where. I didn’t want busy, but I didn’t want to have to commute to the hill. Not even sure how I found Fernie, but decided to give it a try…never looked back.

I learned to ski when I was 2 years old at Mt. Sainte-Marie, Québec in a hoola-hoop with my Dad.  My parents loved to ski and passed that on to my brother and I so wherever we lived in Canada we always had a family pass. Even if the ski hills were just that – “hills” – my parents and their friends instilled a love of skiing no matter the conditions or temperatures. I have so many great memories growing up on the ski hill with my family.

I didn’t start ski racing until I was 13 years old as my Dad didn’t want to be dragged to every small town hill in Ontario but when we finally moved west to Calgary he couldn’t say no anymore!  I loved ski racing and was a member of the KASC (Kananaskis Alpine Ski Club) for my whole career. I loved Super-G and GS the most but I was also very good at crashing and after two ACL reconstructions I retired in 1994 and started to coach with the club. I fell in love! I still got to do what I loved (ski) but while inspiring others to do it too! How awesome is that!?

My favourite part of ski coaching is spending time with all the great kids over the years. Ski racing athletes are the best kinds of kids. They are organized, self-motivated, risk-takers and all these skills are assets in the real world.  I coached at KASC for 4 years and then I moved to Les Houches, France (near Chamonix) where I coached with the British Ski Academy. It was a blast to coach and travel around Europe to international kids races. I even got to follow the Junior British Girls team to Australia for the summer to get a head start on their FIS points. Driving a van filled with 12 girls on the “wrong” side of the road was pretty fun! I’ve never been yelled at so many times entering a round-about, stay LEFT!!

Once back from my European adventures I started coaching with Mt. Norquay and had many fun years of coaching some great kids and meeting some fun families. After that I moved on to coach for NATC (now NASA) for 3 years before meeting my fantastic husband and heading off to live overseas and build our own ski family. When we moved back in 2015, I almost cried when I finally got to put my family pass on my jacket for Fernie. I was back, but not just me now I get to ski with my family, my supportive husband Mike, and three amazing kiddos Lucy, Oscar and Libby.

It wasn’t long before Jay Carter encouraged me to start “subbing” for the U8 program and I think I was there almost every weekend. I was back and hooked!  By the end of that first year I asked Rod if he would like a U10 coach for the 2016-2017 season and, well, I couldn’t have been happier with his answer.  Looking forward to my second year coaching with FAST!

 Despite having been born in Canada, my first skiing experience was in Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands at the age of 5, toughing it out in the wet and windy Scottish winters with my 3 brothers. We loved it instantly and had some great people in the ski club who encouraged us to start racing and changed our lives forever!
I raced all throughout my childhood, first just for the joy of it and later on the International FIS circuit. Racers in Scotland at that time didn’t have the luxury of consistent training on the doorstep so we went for weeks, and later, months, to Central Europe (mostly Austria) during both summer and winter to train and to race. It was a great experience mixing with different cultures from such a young age.
I love the privilege of being able to reach the most beautiful places in the world and I love the thrill of skiing down a course or a free run, pushing my limits, and getting to the bottom feeling like I’ve just achieved something memorable. 
I love the people I meet who also love skiing. However, I do not love the first week in a new pair of boots!
I started coaching for the Raceclub of Fallscreek in Australia when I was 18 before going to University. I was able to follow a group of kids from the age of 9 until they joined the Australian junior team in FIS, and finally as head coach for the children’s programs. 
I then returned to my roots and started with the British National Team as a coach for the U16. During the last 5 years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some very talented young people, also traveling with them to international races in some fantastic locations around Europe.
I love about coaching because I get to watch kids grow up with skiing as their sport, and see how much they get out of it. I think it is a wonderful and unique experience that sets kids up for life whether they go to have a competitive career or a lifetime of love for skiing.
Skiing has taught me how to organize myself and appreciate my experiences.
I came to Fernie because my partner Lars had been to Fernie a few years previously and couldn’t stop talking about how great the snow was and how nice the people are. Now I’m here I have to agree!