The Measure of SUCCESS

“It takes a Village to raise a Ski Racer”

At FAST we have just that! With our community, our committed volunteers and our skilled, experienced coaches, FAST can measure its success on many levels.

The many ways in which FAST wins the GOLD Medal!

  • Second Largest Ski Club in BC with over 200 athletes age 4 – 19
  • Consistent Coaching Staff with Rod Timm, with World Cup experience, as Program Director for over 20 years
  • Year-Round Training Opportunities with Summer Camps and Dryland Training
  • Year-Round Social Events for Athletes and Family
  • Committed Volunteers with decades of service to our ski community
  • Multi-skilled, visionary Board of Directors
  • Financial Stabilty
  • Regional Ski Cross Leader with skilled coaches, officials and athletes
  • Excellent Relationship with host resort RCR
  • Friends of FAST Races so even the youngest athletes get fun-based race experience
  • Our athletes come full-circle, many returning to coach their juniors
  • Provincial & National Team Success just see “Going for Gold!”