Thanks to everyone who registered, we are looking forward to a great season!


Activity FIS U18 U16 U14 U12 U10 - 45 U10 - 30 U8 Comments
Ages 16+ 16+ 14-15 12-13 10-11 8-9 8-9 4-11  
Sat / Sun on Snow    
Fall Dryland (1)        
Winter Dryland (1) Add'l Fee        
Fernie Mid Week on Snow     For FAST athletes in Fernie
Wednesday COP     For FAST athletes in Calgary
Christmas Camp      
Spring Break Camp      
12 Saturdays Only                
Camp FAST Add'l Fee Add'l Fee Add'l Fee Add'l Fee Add'l Fee        
Summer Mt Hood Add'l Fee Add'l Fee Add'l Fee Add'l Fee Add'l Fee        
Pre Season Camp Add'l Fee Add'l Fee Add'l Fee Add'l Fee Add'l Fee       If offered
Target Days on Snow 100 70 70 65 45 45 30 12 Days are weather dependent
Price  $    4,500  $    2,940  $    2,940  $    2,625  $    1,575  $    1,500  $    1,100  $       550  
√ - included in program                  
1. FAST encourages all athletes to participate in other sports such as soccer, volleyball, cycling, etc.    



Registering for FAST is a 3 step process!

Step 1.  Download, complete and scan the FAST waiver - NEW FOR 2014 (click the link below)

FAST Waiver

Step 2.  Download, complete and scan the Alpine Canada waiver (click the link below)

ACA Waiver

YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO UPLOAD THESE SCANNED DOCUMENTS IN STEP 3 OF THE REGISTRATION PROCESS.  Please ensure you have filled the waivers out and scanned them to your computer.  Only the signature page of the FAST waiver (Page 3 of 7) needs to be scanned, but please scan both pages of the Alpine Canada waiver (signature is required bottom of page 2).  Also note that a FAST representative can act as the witness to these forms if scanned and uploaded properly through this process.  These waivers may also be populated and signed digitally if supported by your PDF software (the waivers were created in Adobe).  If you do not have a scanner available, you can also fax the waivers to 866-912-7674 or email a picture of the signature pages.  Any questions or concerns please contact Todd Smith by email (toddsmith22@shaw.ca) or call/text (403) 701-4591.

Step 3.   Begin the online registration process, including uploading of waivers and payment (click the link below)

Start Registration Now

FAST supports the following age based categories (age as of Dec 31, 2014)



U8 (Nancy Green / FAST Tracks) - Ages 4 to 11.  $550 - 12 day program (Saturdays)* 

(Ages 8 to 11 can register in U10 or U12) 

Focus is on Gliding Start.   

U10 - Ages 8 to 9.  $1,100 - 30 day program (Saturdays & Sundays)* 

Option to extend to 45 day program* through camps & mid week training for $400

Focus is on Skier Essentials.  

U12 - Ages 10 to 11.  $1,575 - 45 day program*

Focus is on Learning to Train.  

U14 - Ages 12 to 13.  $2,62570 day program* 

Focus is on Learning to Race.  

U16 - Ages 14 to 15.  $2,940 - 70 day program* 

Focus is on Training to Race.  

U18 - Ages 16+  $2,940 - 70 day program*

Focus is on Training to Race.

U18 / FIS (Kootenay Zone) - Ages 16+  $4,500 - 100+ day program* 

Focus is on Training to Win 


* Program days are weather dependent


Please follow the step by step registration and payment process.  When your program team is created, you will receive an email from us.  Note that FAST uses TeamSnap for administration.  You can use your existing TeamSnap account login (i.e. from other sports like soccer) for our system.


If you have any problems or questions, please contact Todd Smith by email (toddsmith22@shaw.ca) or call/text (403) 701-4591.


Thank you and welcome to FAST!


Special thanks to all our amazing sponsors.