U14 Equipment List

Helmets - A certified race helmet is mandatory.  These helmets include a full hardcover shell over the ears.  Racers will not be allowed to race without it. As well athletes need a detachable face guard for slalom.

Mouth Guards - Either custom or "Boil & Bite" mouthguards are mandatory for training and racing.

Cross Blockers - These attach to the poles and protect the hands when skiing slalom.  

Shinners - Shinners are worn over the ski pants or speed suits to protect the shins and knees when skiing slalom.

Speed Suits - Speed suits are not mandatory however most U14 athletes are using them.  Padded speed suits are strongly recommended.

Stealth - This padded vest or shirt is recommended for extra protection.  It can be worn under a speed suit while racing or without the suit while training.  

Forearm Pads - These are NOT recommended for U14 athletes as they promote bad habits for athletes just learning clearing techniques.  These bad habits can be unsafe and difficult to correct.

Skis - U14 athletes will compete in 3 types of races. Slalomn (SL), Giant Slalom (GS) and Ski Cross (SX). Two paris of skis are recommended ; GS skis for GS and Ski Cross and Slalom skis for SL races.  If only one pair of skis is possible, it is best to choose GS skis for safety concerns.  
It is the PARENTS' RESPONSIBILITY to ensure their child has properly fitting and properly functioning equipment.