U18 & FIS Equipment List

Helmet -A certified race helmet is mandatory. As well, a detachable face guard for slalom is Mandatory.  

Mouth Guards - Custom or Boil & Bite mouthguards are mandatory.

Cross Blockers - These attach to the poles and protect the hands when skiing slalom.

Shinners – These are worn over the ski pants or speed suits to protect the shins and knees when skiing slalom.

Speed Suits - Speed suits are mandatory.

Skis - FIS athletes will compete in 4 types of races. Slalom, Giant Slalom (GS) Ski Cross (SX) and Super G (SG).  At this stage athletes need a pair of slalom skis for  Slalom and GS skis for GS and Ski Cross.  Skis for Super G events can be rented or bought.

It is the PARENTS' RESPONSIBILITY to ensure their child has properly fitting and properly functioning equipment.