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Volunteer Stories: Richard & Christi White

By Jo Williams, 10/23/19, 7:30PM PDT


If you’ve been around races or any FAST events in the last six years, you’ll recognize the friendly faces of Richard and Christi White, a core contingent of the FAST community.

FAST family

This duo pitches in with almost every area of the club from fundraising to setting up ski swap to timing, finish controller, starting and of course, tail gunning – always with a smile and word of encouragement for the athletes.

“We support FAST because it’s a fun group of kids and parents who have a common goal of learning to ski well and ride an incredible all-mountain hill,” says Christi. “And of course, it’s a great opportunity for our kids to obtain great coaching, make connections, have incredible experiences and build friendships.”

Thinking about volunteering with FAST and not sure where to start? The Whites encourage you to go for it – you’ll learn from others as you jump in. “For us, it all comes down to the multitude of connections that are made – connections with our own kids and working to support the experience, connections with other families with similar interests and vision, connections within each experience of triumph, mishap, struggle that the athletes go through. We collectively experience them as we are on the courses together,” says Richard.

Richard also points out there’s an added bonus to the benefits you’d expect from volunteering. “It’s fun and you get a volunteer lunch from Shirley – sooooo good!”