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We love our volunteers!

Parent volunteers fuel all aspects of FAST and play a major role in the success of our programs. From race day crew to U8 tailgunners to hot dog chefs to board members and many more roles, FAST relies on generous volunteer contributions to keep the club running smoothly. 

Skiing not your strong suit? No problem! We’ve got a host of volunteer positions that you can fill. 

From ensuring a race runs smoothly to serving up hot dogs, Dibs makes it easy to sign up for the latest FAST volunteer opportunities.

Check out opportunities here>>

Benefits of Volunteering with FAST

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. But, the benefits of volunteering can be enormous. 

1: Volunteering builds community
Allow us to paraphrase an old saying: “Politics divides people, while sport brings them together.” Nowhere is this sentiment more appropriate than when volunteering with FAST where you’ll meet new people and build deeper connections with the community. Volunteering offers a chance to get to know your kids’ teammates and coaches, and to and demonstrate a commitment to your kids’ activities. We know that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the lasting friendships you’ll make!

2: You'll learn new things
Don’t know much about ski racing? That’s ok! By trying out a variety of available roles throughout the season, you’ll learn from more about specific roles and the exciting world of ski racing others who have “been around” for a while, you’ll learn about the exciting world of ski racing by being right in the middle of the action. 

3: You'll have fun!
Volunteering with FAST provides so many opportunities to have fun and share great stories on and off the slopes. 

4: Volunteers live longer
It’s true! Studies show that people who volunteer live longer and have better overall health. Why? Well, this post in the Good News Network puts it this way, “Volunteering likely exerts its positive health effects by connecting people to others and to an activity that they find meaningful. Achieving connection, purpose, and meaning is critical to attenuating stressors of life…  and when there is purpose and we are connected to others, we take care of ourselves.” Enough said.  

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